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My approach is rooted in both Hellenistic and Modern techniques. I use the chart as a tool for personal growth, relationships, career, re-location, making sense of past events or outlooks on the year ahead. Additionally, I engage each star chart as a creative prompt for play and pageantry, seeking to provoke image-driven acts of personality as a theatre for self-realization. I would love to read your chart, but also, make visual work about it.

In general, standard sessions are $100 for 60 minute in person or over phone. I supply a sliding scale for artist and activists who are in need but unable to afford rates. Please contact sisterbrideastrology(at) if you have any questions or schedule an appointment below <3

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Previous artwork crafted around natal charts can be viewed HERE - analysis through video art, installation, photo, performance or interactive events. An opportunity to experience your birth chart from a poetic, visual perspective. I am open to all forms of experimentation.

2018 forecast datebooks are *SOLD OUT*, check back in at the end of the year for the next batch.

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