Nathan Lyons was an innovative photographer and the founder of Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Nathan Lyons was born on January, 10, 1930 in Jamaica, NY in the daytime or late at night, or probably around noon. In fact, it is undocumented and unknown by friends and family what time or the hour range of Nathan’s birth. In response, I operated from the systematic discipline of natal astrology to disassemble January 10th, 1930 into all of its 24 hour parts. Rather than search for the accurate birth time, I considered every hour of that day as a probable candidate, articulating all relative options to accommodate the complex, symbolic endlessness of Nathan’s character and essence.

Each astral sampling is presented as abstract, re-appropriated images from the VSW archive collection and paired with a representative birthday cake.

Correlating the idea of a birth chart (or the map of the planets the moment you are born) being a "photograph of the sky" with the photographic collection of VSW, we imagine the 24 hours as a reel of film, each birth chart as an image for printing.

Displayed in the VSW Project Space, wrapping the entire 24 hours around the room with celebratory flags or ticker marks to indicate the passing of time.